Hola. Or Holla. Whichev.

In 2010, I moved myself, my husband, our dog and two cats from a white-bread, very Republican farming community to one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Chicago.  The 'hood also votes 99% Democrat.  Believe me, I consider this a very.good.thing.

In 2010, I shut down my old blog and stopped writing - mostly because I simply couldn't think of anything else to write about that wasn't going to piss off the person I lived with (the dog and cats really didn't mind all that much).  I covered life, love, work, family, personal history.  Probably too much of it.

All during my "time off" from the blogging world, I've missed writing.  Missed it more than I ever imagined possible.  Of course, now, it's all Facebook and Twitter...blogging and comments seem to have gone by the wayside.  But...every day I see things that make me think

Oh mah holy hell.  That needs to go on my blog.

Until I remember that I no longer have one.

Well - there's an easy remedy for that, isn't there?

Ta-fucking-da.  Here it is.


n.  Offensive Slang
--- Used as a disparaging term for a foreign woman in Latin America, especially an American or English woman.

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